Loft & Basement Conversions

Do you need more space but want to avoid building out into your garden? A loft or basement conversion may be an excellent and cost-effective alternative.

In many homes, lofts and basements are wasted space. But with new technologies, new building practices, and materials such as improved insulation, a loft or basement can be converted into a comfortable space for an extra bedroom and en suite, a home office, or a play area for your kids.


Doveshill Construction work with three main types of loft conversions:

Flat-Roof Dormer Loft:
This is the most popular loft conversion because it’s simply an extension of an existing roof. A flat-room dormer not only creates substantial floor and head space, but the new room or rooms have straight walls and a horizontal ceiling. In addition, it allows for a straightforward staircase fitting because the new staircase can be positioned directly above your existing one.

Side Dormer Loft for a Hipped-Ended House:
For a house with three or four slanting sides to its roof, this type of conversion extends one of the sides and creates a vertical wall, so the hipped-ended roof is converted to a gabled roof. This is a good choice if your current space doesn’t facilitate other types of loft conversions.

Mansard Loft:
A mansard loft conversion is more complex than the other two and requires more extensive work. However, a mansard conversion can provide ten times more living space than a dormer loft conversion. The windows for this type of construction are set in small dormers, and the result is an aesthetically pleasing look.


Whether you’re converting or adding a basement, Doveshill Construction have the experience you need. Our expertise equips us to deal with your particular basement project, and we also know how to comply with regulations and handle required paperwork. In addition, we have access to expert and experienced architects, sub-contractors, and suppliers.

The end result will be a stunning basement conversion that is finished on-time and on-budget, and that meets your needs and your high standards.