Working with Doveshill

Rock-solid quality guarantee

We guarantee our resin bound surfaces against:

  • Stone migration
  • UV degradation
  • Cracking
  • Colour change

We ensure the quality of your resin bound surfaces by handling every part of the process, from manufacture to installation. If anything goes wrong, we put it right. It’s that simple.

Technical Support

Doveshill offers a single point of responsibility from design through to completion of a project, with the technical knowledge and experience to control the whole process. Our team can advise on site preparation, aftercare and maintenance.

As an architect, landscaper or specifier, you need the reassurance of working with an experienced supplier who really understands this specialist material.

Site survey and CAD plans

Doveshill will work with you to achieve your vision, however detailed your requirements. We have the expertise to conduct full site surveys and produce accurate SketchUp and CAD plans.

Interpreting your creative ideas

From artwork, Doveshill can create stencils and a colour-matched palette for your approval. We love to work with imaginative designs. Throw us your ideas, whether it's logos, curves, letters, numbers or even images, and watch us make it real.

Resin bound surfaces are flexible and versatile, with many applications

Public spaces: Parks, public gardens and open spaces all need high-performing surfaces. With a smooth, low maintenance surface, resin bound gravel fits the bill. Its free-draining properties prevent ice build-up in winter, giving an important safety advantage.

Housebuilding: Our fuss-free resin bound gravel surfacing is well suited to new-build projects that require practical and welcoming landscaped approaches.

Landscapes: The flexibility of our resin bound gravel surfacing allows you to link garden spaces and blend the boundary between hard landcape, soft landscape and the natural world. Our system fits non-standard sites and shapes.

Renovations: Whether you’re updating a property or totally reinventing it, a resin bound gravel surface provides a refreshing and stylish finish. If you’d like your new surface to match existing colours or materials, we can help.

Historic buildings: With the seal of approval from English Heritage and the National Trust, who use resin bound surfacing at historic sites, resin bound surfaces are perfect for complementing an older property undergoing renovation.

Creative design and decorative paving: The resin bound system lends itself to imaginative ideas. Our colour range can be utilised to brighten up any area with colourful swirls, patterns, motifs, logos and even messages in.

Internal applications: The resin bound system also lends itself to indoor use as an attractive alternative to tiled or stone floors, perfect for kitchen’s, bathrooms and conservatories.