A prestigious new resin driveway, courtyard or garden path can change the whole look of your property and can add thousands to your house value. That’s especially true if your driveway or courtyard takes up a good proportion of the front of your home.

Create the ultimate first impression with a great-looking, versatile surface as a welcome to your home. Take a look at our gallery to see what is possible and read testimonials of resin driveway installations.

Resin Driveways are innovative and flexible

New builds: Resin driveway installations from Doveshill are very well suited to new-build projects requiring a smart, modern look.

Renovations: We can lay resin driveways which blend perfectly with existing buildings and their surroundings, to give an instant facelift.

Listed Properties: Resin bound surfaces have been approved by English Heritage and the National Trust for use in historic sites.

Benefits of a resin driveway installation

Water drains away: Resin bound surfaces are porous, which means water is allowed to naturally soak away. This helps to reduce flooding and keeps tree roots supplied with rainwater.

The look of gravel, without the loose stones: Natural gravel looks great, but resin bound gravel ensures you won’t get stones in the treads of your shoes or in your car or house.

Drain covers blend in: We can ensure you have a continual uninterrupted surface, by replacing old drain covers with inset lid covers filled with the resin bound mixture.

Resin driveways are easy to maintain

A quick sweep will remove leaves. You can clean the surface with a power washer without damaging it, and moss can be pressure-washed away.

Unlike block paving, resin bound surfacing doesn’t support the growth of weeds because, starved of water, roots can’t take hold.

The resin bound surface is resistant to staining. It encapsulates and protects the gravel in a hard-wearing resin coating, making it extremely resistant to most chemicals, including petrol, diesel & oil.

Natural stone colours

Our resin bound surfaces are made from special blends of naturally sourced stones, encapsulated in UV-stable resin. The colours won’t fade, even in direct sunlight. Whether you live in a townhouse, a contemporary new build, a country cottage or a modern bungalow, you’ll find the right driveway or path colour for you.

Resin driveways are great for accessibility and are wheelchair friendly

Wheelchairs, pushchair and cycles all roll freely on resin bound gravel. The smooth finish, with no loose stones, is ideal for driveways, paths or ramps used by wheelchairs, buggies or bicycles.

Resin driveways provide a smooth surface under bare feet

Resin bound surfaces are smooth and comfortable under bare feet, perfect for terraces and patios. Being highly porous, allowing water to naturally soak away, it's also ideal for swimming pool surrounds - we can create groovy patterns and pictures around your pool.

Creative designs

Unlike traditional paving, the seamless resin bound gravel system lends itself to unique and creative designs. It can be laid in any pattern including curves, motifs, letters and numbers to create contrasting borders or personalised decorative effects. The possibilities are endless.